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ravioli kill all titanioli
★ ✧ ☾ Heather | 17 | suteki ☽ ✧ ★
✧ INTJ personality type ✧
✧ asexual himedere demigirl✧
✧ Hufflepuff! ✧
✧ Resident Magical Demigirl ✧
✧ Fairy Princess ✧
✧ Unicorn Tamer✧
✧ Wood Elf ✧
I blog to express not impress.🌙

I like flowers & bunnies, rainbows, little kitties & magical happy things. I also really love creepy junk. My life long dreams include becoming a magical girl, killing all the titans, and turning into a cat.

I use to have a life until Shingeki no Kyojin. I love anime boys who love each other and cats. I'm majoring in illustration in college & I enjoy cosplaying.
—(via shakespeareoutofcontext)

 just took a marvel villains quiz on zimbio and I got loki 

Artist: Brand New
Track: "Handcuffs"

Lana Del Rey and Marina and The Diamonds Blog